We are a Single Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential, and Commercial General Contracting Company with a focus on bringing the TRUST AND VALUE that homeowners and Investors so desperately want.  When Stephen Castro first got into the Real Estate world as an investor in 2011, he always heard the same analogy surrounding contractors, which was, “There is Speed, Quality and Cost Effective, you only get to pick two…and they[contractor] will only be good for about 2-3 projects.”  He was not surprised when this was exactly what he came to experience himself.  After hearing the heartache from other friends, family and business associates around him constantly, he made it his mission to devise a Team that would put the customer first and deliver the level of service they desired.  By putting the right people, tools and processes in place, and many trial and errors, he was able to create a culture within his Team that shares his Vision and Mission.  We strive to always put the customer first and go above and beyond to inevitably “Build Trust, One Project at a Time”.